*"How many times a day do you
experience feeling unheard?"

Renée Barnow
Renée Barnow
Agent of Calm

“Do you frequently wonder about outcomes from conversations?”
“Have you ever missed connecting with another person in a way you wanted?”
“Do you want to get more positive results than you are?”

If you answered yes to any of the questions, your word choice may be the cause.

With Action Based Communication you can:

  • Connect positively
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Influence and lead with less stress
  • Understand more clearly how people hear you
  • Engage in conversations that get desired results

Action Based Communication: Changing Experience through Language explores how one word makes a difference and how you can make a difference with one word.

What differentiates Action Based Communication: Changing Experience through Language from other books on communication?

  1. Presents the Action Based Communication™ methodology, which examines words from a unique perspective—Compares word usage to physical exercise

  2. Examines words from how we embody language—Integrates the word’s meaning with how we physically speak the word with our vocal apparatus and with the other parts of our bodies. Hear resonators. Watch body shifts.

  3. Focuses on a single word or word pair and role that word or word pair plays in creating connection or causing disruption/breaking flow of possible connections

  4. Reveals key word substitutions that support making connections to shift disruption/negative to connection/positive

  5. Is a Read and Do book that engages readers with exercises to develop new word choice habits

  6. Includes Language Reframing Log—place for readers to monitor and measure their results

  7. Considers Action Based Communication as a way of life

Many of us have missed connecting positively causing difficulties and unintended consequences, often with long lasting results. I have.

When speaking with myself, I have let negative self talk sabotage connecting with prospective clients.

When speaking with others, I have pushed them away rather pulled them toward me.

Don't let this happen to you! Don’t let this happen to others you work with and care about!

I developed the Action Based Methodology™ while working at an organization that was losing its funding. Over the 3-year period that we were facing the possibility of being shut down our interactions and behavior began to change. We were not as friendly toward each other and had lost our sense of humor and connection. We used more negative words. We sat with our shoulders turned forward and down.

Feel heard! Communicate positively!
Connect to get desired results!

Get Rid of Guilt and Fear Forever: Five Ways to Freedom


"Renée Barnow has assembled an excellent source for the some of best-of-the-best tips for the verbal (and non-verbal) communication trade. It would be difficult not to find something practical and useful in Action-based Communication. Power words, swing words and phrases, throw-away words or how-to on reframing —I've used them or referred back to them. Thank you Renée!"

—W. Cliff Kayser III

"Very helpful guide for professionals who need their communication to be clear and compelling. I applied the author's best practices immediately in my presentations, marketing materials, and daily interactions."

M. Parkinson

"As a litigation attorney who has experienced up close the abrasive and competitive aspects of law firm culture, I found the guidance in this book on the impact of positive language of great value. Many lawyers who pride themselves on their skillful use of language will appreciate and benefit from this thoughtful analysis of the power of words to promote achieving goals and building or disrupting connections between speaker and listener. Action Based Communication offers practical tools and exercises in a work book format that allows the reader to experience for him or herself how contrasting word choices evoke emotions and convey meaning and how even seemingly subtle changes in word choice and usage can create powerful shifts in desired responses. Ever wonder how you can achieve greater cooperation from team members and staff without added bonuses and perks? This book provides some practical answers that are easily implemented. Action Based Communication will be of particular value to attorneys who wish to distinguish their communication style with friends, family and loved ones from their communication style in adversarial settings."

Sharon S.

"This book is a must for every educator. I use its positive approach and philosophy every day with my students. It is a good classroom management vehicle to help deflect teenage angst and add to the culture of a safe and civil learning environment and school."

Terry Miller

"Action Based Communication, ABC, is a must read for all business executives because it will help them recognize how critical communication is to understand and influencing the real world. The book also explains how to use words and language to improve connections with people and achieve better results. ABC is a language roadmap for success in business."

Jerry J. Jasinowski
Founder & President, The Manufacturing Institute,
National Association of Manufacturers

"ABC is a big small book from which business developers and consultants can greatly benefit. I loved the chapters, stories, exercises, log and especially the Supporting Words Catalog. Using Power Words, removing Throwaway Words that diminish our efforts, and steering clear of the Can't Cul de Sac help drive and sustain connections."

Lena Neal, PhD,
IBM Global Business Services,
Organizational Change and Strategy


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